Why Choose Inclusion Hub?

EAL Hub was created in 2018 by teachers for teachers and was designed to provide high quality, scaffolding resources for EAL learners, keeping them in the classroom as much as possible. There was a distinct lack of resources available that supported children learning English in a way that was pedagogically sound and also easily accessible. EAL HUB bridged this gap and now provides over 1500 resources that are ready to start making your life easier, whilst supporting EAL learners as much as they need.

We aim to offer teachers and leaders easy to access, time saving, high quality inclusive resources that genuinely support the needs of learners in their classrooms.

We are also partnered with EAL STAR to bring you an awesome new EAL ASSESSMENT PLATFORM which will save you so much time in assessing and tracking your EAL learners.

What We Do:

We are proud to offer a wide range of resources to develop vocabulary:

  • Picture book resources
  • Reading resources
  • Writing resources
  • Video resources
  • Assessment packs
  • Topic support packs
  • Conversational resources
  • Intervention resources
  • Chapter book resources
  • Daily vocabulary activities
  • Vocabulary packs
  • Social, emotional and mental health resources
  • Cognition and learning resources
  • Sensory and physical resources
  • Paperwork templates

Join Us Today

Join us to gain access to thousands of instant download resources and start saving time today! Prices start at just £25.

Looking for comprehensive EAL ASSESSMENT?

We are delighted to be partnered with EAL STAR, the newest and most comprehensive EAL assessment platform on the market.

EAL STAR was developed in line with the DfE Proficiency scale and the Bell Foundation level descriptors to save teachers time, whilst offering an effective and efficient way to baseline assess, monitor and track your EAL learners.

EAL STAR is the only EAL assessment on the market that is intuitive, this makes the assessments far less daunting or time consuming for those new to English, it also makes the process much quicker and easier to manage.

We’d love you to have a FREE 2 week trial and see if it works for your setting.