Sample Resources

A variety of resources to showcase what each main resource looks like....
These resources are IDEAL for ANY learner in need of additional support with topic work...
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Sample Topic Packs

Each pack contains TEN topic specific resources (including a topic mat, knowledge organiser, key words, KWL grid, labeling activity....)

Sample Text Talk Comprehension Packs

Each pack focuses on a high quality picture book, starting at word level and moving through discussion and comparison to comprehension...

Sample Comprehension Sheets

Each comprehension develops reading skills, with questions building from multiple choice to free response...

Sample Reading Hero Packs

Each pack contains a wealth of resources to scaffold the use of whole class texts with those in need of support - chapter summaries, character profiles, comprehension questions, chapter recap sheets., activities and more...

Sample Snapshot Mat Pack

Each pack contains 5 mats which support the development of vocabulary around a topic based image...
Superhero Snapshot Mat Pack

Sample P.O.W.E.R Packs

Powerful packs that develop language, vocabulary and comprehension around a high quality animated short video....POWER = Preview, Objects, Words, Emotions, Review...
Beyond the Lines POWER Pack
Joy and Heron POWER Pack

Sample P.I.V.O.T Packs

PIVOT Packs wrap around high quality picture books to develop vocabulary, comprehension, prediction and inference. These packs can be used over 2-3 sessions to delve deeper in to a topic or theme...

Sample General Resources

The site is PACKED full of resources that support topics, phonics, word development through games, activities, worksheets and more...
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Basic Needs Cards

Sample V.I.P Packs

Vocabulary, Inference and Prior Knowledge - these mats use a high quality image to build language and assess prior knowledge, 5 mats in each pack!

Sample Vocab Video Pack

A vocabulary pack built around a video - ideal for pre-teaching key words and assessing understanding...
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