Inclusion Hub

Two powerful resource sites, housed under one comprehensive website!

In 2018, EAL HUB burst on to the resources scene as a much needed site for high quality, researched resources for the development of vocabulary and literacy for EAL learners.

Fast forward 2 years and we launched SEN HUB due to the staggering demand we were getting for inclusion based resources.

As an EAL consultant, Beth Southern (our founder) was keen to keep the areas of EAL and SEN separate and so had the vision to create a separate website for SEN HUB yet allowing subscribers access to both brilliant resources all under one roof.

INCLUSION HUB was born in September 2020 and has absolutely thrived.

As such, whether you subscribe to EAL HUB or SEN HUB you will automatically get access to everything we offer all for the great price of £25 a year.

Ready to join us at Inclusion Hub? Subscribe today!

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