An ever expanding range of support resources for EAL pupils that have settled in and are looking to meet the same objectives as their peers... arrow down

Comprehensive support packs for popular class texts. Each contains chapter summaries, chapter comprehensions, picture and word glossaries and a range of supporting activities and resources. A little bit of extra scaffolding to boost student confidence.

20 packs ready to use and a request service for books you would like to see...

Some beautiful images that are perfect for building vocabulary and scaffolding writing plus our awesome Photobloom Activity Resources and Snapshot Mats.

All images are royalty free as far as we know.

We offer Consultancy sessions that are perfect for EAL Coordinators plus a range of EAL based twilight and full days sessions ideal for Teachers and Teaching Assistants. Click the image to see available courses...

      Links to many of the picture books and class texts supported on this site.

Many of the Tier 2 Resources can also be used as whole class starters or activities... arrow down

Lots of general resources that can be used by a range of students in need of an extra literacy or vocabulary boost...

Check out our Video Resources, great for offering a vocabulary boost or as a hook to scaffold writing...

Looking for the Assessment Pack?

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