Video Stories

A collection of stories from Cbeebies, beautifully told by a range of celebrities!

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These videos are perfect for prompting discussion, pre-teaching, examining prior knowledge, considering intonation and expression and for looking at specific topics...
Kitchen Disco
By Clare Foges
King of the Classroom
By Derek Barnes
The night pirates
By Peter Harris
Winnie the Witch
By Valerie Thomas
Chickens can't see in the dark
By Krystyna Litten
I don't want curly hair
By Laura Ellen Anderson
The naughtiest fairy ever
By Nick Ward
Smeds and the Smoos
By Julia Donaldson
Blue Monster Wants It All!
By Jeanne Willis
Dear Zoo
By Rod Campbell
The Bus is for Us
ByMichael Rosen
The dinosaur that pooped a planet
By Dougie Poynter & Tom Fletcher
Mog in the dark
By Judith Kerr
By Julia Donaldson
Rain before Rainbows
By Smriti Halls
There's a tiger in the garden
By Lizzy Stewart
Girls can do anything!
By Caryl Hart & Ali Pye
Arnie the Doughnut
By Laurie Keller
I want my hat back
By Jon Klassen
The frog Olympics
By Brian Moses
If I had a sleepy sloth
By Alex Barrow
Little People Big Dream (Ella Fitzgerald)
By Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Octopus's Garden
By Ringo Starr
Jazz Dog
By Marie Voigt
New video stories added weekly!

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