Video Stories

A collection of stories from Cbeebies, beautifully told by a range of celebrities!

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These videos are perfect for prompting discussion, pre-teaching, examining prior knowledge, considering intonation and expression and for looking at specific topics...
Kitchen Disco
By Clare Foges
Love monster and the scary something
By Rachel Bright
The night pirates
By Peter Harris
Winnie the Witch
By Valerie Thomas
Chickens can't see in the dark
By Krystyna Litten
I don't want curly hair
By Laura Ellen Anderson
The naughtiest fairy ever
By Nick Ward
Kicking A Ball
By Allan Ahlberg
Blue Monster Wants It All!
By Jeanne Willis
Dear Zoo
By Rod Campbell
The Bus is for Us
ByMichael Rosen
The dinosaur that pooped a planet
By Dougie Poynter & Tom Fletcher
New video stories added weekly!

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