Video Stories

A collection of stories from Cbeebies, beautifully told by a range of celebrities!

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These videos are perfect for prompting discussion, pre-teaching, examining prior knowledge, considering intonation and expression and for looking at specific topics...
Kitchen Disco
By Clare Foges
Love monster and the scary something
By Rachel Bright
The night pirates
By Peter Harris
Winnie the Witch
By Valerie Thomas
Chickens can't see in the dark
By Krystyna Litten
I don't want curly hair
By Laura Ellen Anderson
The naughtiest fairy ever
By Nick Ward
Here comes the sun
By Karl Newson & Migy Blanco
Little Red Riding Hood
By Katie Cotton & Alison Jay
The big splash
By A H Benjamin
Toad has talent
By Richard Smythe
The dinosaur that pooped a planet
By Dougie Poynter & Tom Fletcher
Mog in the dark
By Judith Kerr
By Julia Donaldson
Ten in the bed
By Penny Dale
Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaur’s missing treasure
By Giles Andreae
Odd Dog Out
By Rob Bidduph
Spaghetti Yeti
By Adam and Charlotte Gilluain
If I had a dinosaur
By Alex Barrow & Gabby Dawnay
No matter what
By Debi Gliori
Never tickle a tiger
By Pamela Butchart
By Helen Stevens
The lion inside
By Rachel Bright & Jim Field
You must bring a hat
By Simon Philips & Kate Hindley
By Ellie Sandall
There's a snake in my school
By David Walliams & Tony Ross
How high is the sky?
By Anna Milbourne & Serena Riglietti
Ten little pirates
By Mike Brownlow & Simon Rickerty
Emily Brown and the elephant emergency
By Cressida Cowell & Neil Laten
By Tim Hopgood
By Rachel Bright
Man on the moon
By Simon Bartram
Five minutes peace
By Jill Murphy
My mum has x-ray vision
By Angela Mccallister & Alex T Smith
Ada Twist Scientist
By Andrea Beaty & David Roberts
Lucky wish mouse
By Clara Vulliamy
New video stories added weekly!

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